Strengthen the immune system!

There are many ways to strengthen your immune system! You are probably already familiar with the different essential oils such as black spruce, which actively supports our immune system, or also the various vitamin-rich foods and other components that act to strengthen our body in winter. Have you ever thought about the role of your breathing in the fight against colds, for example? Indeed, practising breathing as proposed by Wim Hof or so-called holotropic breathing allows the immune system to be activated much more effectively!

In these breaths, hyperventilation is caused in order to lower the level of CO2 in the blood, which allows you to remain in apnea. Apnea provides adrenaline release due to stress caused by non-breathing and adrenaline activates the metabolism, allowing our body to be stronger and faster in response. Then the deep deep breaths at the end of the exercise allow the body to calm down and regain its homeostasis. These breathing methods therefore train the body to manage stress, by actively strengthening it!

Love & Light – Pernelle

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