Lately, I have decided to go back to the basics of yoga. My habits had been made a place in my practice: I sing mantras in such a way, I breathe according to my pattern etc. so I decided to become a beginner again to rediscover yoga!
Today I would like to share with you some simple principles that contribute to my daily well-being – in a word – PRANAYAMA.
“Prana” which is the total sum of the Universe’s energies and “Ayama” which means length, expansion, retention, control. The practice of Pranayama allows you to control your breath but especially your vital energy. There are many breathing exercises with incalculable well done that are worth practicing but here is what I rediscovered:

·         I start all my pranayamas by exhaling completely.

·         By opening consciously the nostrils, I automatically inhale more, in a more regular way.

·         When I inhale I concentrate on ambiant smells, in order to stimulate the olfactory zone at the top of my nose. This intensifies the air flow and thus also intensifies the absorption of Prana. “Smell opens a door to the deepest layers of the mind.”

·         When I exhale, I try to make my breath «disappear». I exhale very slowly and almost imperceptibly. I sometimes use the “OM” sound that extends the exhalation time of my breath.

·         On inhale, I fill my stomach, then the ribs and then the lungs until my clavicles rise, then I focus on the spine and bring my energy and consciousness rising up along it.These elements can be applied transversely to many pranayamas.

I hope that these 5 points help you to deepen your practice !

Love & Light Pernelle

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The visionary chief officer of Breath of Fire, Pernelle, is in charge of the company's entire management. Passionate about consciousness and its different planes, Pernelle is trained in trans gong meditation and Kundalini yoga. Exploring the different dimensions of the Being through body practices such as yoga or meditative practices such as the Monroe method is her passion, and she loves to share on these subjects. Being close to the customer is essential for Pernelle, so she continues to take care of much of the customer service. For her, listening to her audience is above managing a company well.

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